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Makin' It Through The Bad Times

Posted by gayingram on October 24, 2009 at 2:29 PM

I ended last Sunday's chattime with family by remarking on the fact that I looked forward to a week entirely void of any away-from-home meetings, suggesting I expected to get in a lot of writing time. It doesn't pay to tempt the gods!

Instead, I found myself bed-bound for the next five days, laid low by what the doctors named an 'upper respiratory virus infection." Chills and fever, sometimes simultaneously. Excrutiating headache that caused nausea and dizziness. Complete lack of interest in food of any kind.

I gave in on Wednesday and allowed my all-suffering husband to take me to the hospital's emergency room. Too weak to even walk to the admitting desk, I was immediately handed a mask because I spouted "flu-like" symptoms. A chest exray, blood tests and registered temperature of 103.2 confirmed I was really ill. Since I didn't display any of the dripping and explosive expulsions, a flu test was taken but reported negative. Meds for pain and nausea, orders of bed rest (as if that wasn't what I'd been doing for the past 36 hours!) and drink lots of liquids sent me home to continue suffering.

Not wanting to continue this drama through the weekend, we made another trip to emergency Friday afternoon. Surprise! The breathing issue had alieviated (I could have told them that) Instead, this time I was treated as a possible victim of stroke. So here came the EKG, the monitoring equipment for breathing, pulse, blood pressure and heartbeat. More blood tests; in fact, because of faulty blood withdrawal once and incorrect labeling the next, I ended up having blood extracted three times for one test. Another chest exray and a CAT-scan of my head for good measure.

Verdict? Stop taking the previously prescribed meds because they were exasberating the situation. This time the official conclusion was a virus infection of the inner ear. The remedy prescribed? You guessed it--more bed rest and lots of time. And, just to be on the sure side, a prescription for nausea (another one. A pill this time not a lotion that needed to be applied with provided applicator containing single dosage. Spread on inner arm, rub with other arm and be told at least three times: do not touch with your hand. You can share it with your belly if you feel the need.)

So...another day has dawn. With all remnants of that vindictive medication out of my system - the one that zonked me out for two and a half hours with each dosage of half-pill and was taken every four hours - I am actually in an upright position today for the first time since Monday afternoon.

I send this information your way, not to tantilize your sensibilities, but in an effort to get word to as many as possible with the least possible effort. I am definitely on the road to recovery. The dizziness persists in spite of medication but I am finally eating solid food again after subsisting on liquids for three days. Supper last night included a 1/2 cup of chicken noodle soup and a few saltine crackers with cheese.

Now that I've made this huge effort, it's time for a nap!

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Reply Shirley Morin
9:09 AM on October 25, 2009 
Hope your finally on the road to recovery. Talk to you on Sunday.
Reply Diana R.
7:59 AM on October 26, 2009 
Wow, what an ordeal. Those #?%[email protected]^&*&%$#@$#% doctors. Always guessing...always medicating. Glad it wasn't a stroke or H1N1. Whew. Good talking to you last night. Get well Sis. Love ya.