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Time To Speak Out

Posted by gayingram on April 25, 2010 at 1:51 PM

I received two email this morning and just have to speak out. The first was a reporting of an event regarding the actions of Buzz Aldrin while on the moon. At the time he was an Elder of a Presbyterian church in Houston and asked permission to broadcast his taking of communion from the surface of the moon.

Authorities denied his request because of the uproar created by activist Madalyn O'Hare over the reading of Genesis on a previous moon visit.

Now how is it possible for one person to influence the actions of so many? This does not line up with my conception of our country's established structure.


The other email reported the reaction of visitors to the World War II monument in Washington, DC. Someone in the group was reading the inscription of Roosevelt's speech aloud. As the reading ended, one of the older visitors objected, saying it was incomplete. She was old enough to recall the original broadcast and stated the inscription lacked the words President Roosevelt ended his speech with: "So help us God."

My question echoes that of the older couple, "Who gave the inscriptor the right to change the content of a historical speech?"


This brings to mind the notification I received recently about 'the powers that be' declaring our National Day of Prayer had been eliminated. What is this country coming to when it turns its back of its founding principles? All supposedly in the name of political correctness.


This great nation was established as a place where its citizens would be free to worship as they choose. How have we come to the place where, at times, a single individual can curtail that freedom? No one is being forced to worship in a manner contrary to their wants. All it takes is a dip of your head and remaining silent during that public prayer if you don't agree with its intended receiver. I'm not requiring anyone to worship the way I do, just be courteous enough to allow me the freedom that is supposed to be mine. And I'll do the same for you. 

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Reply [email protected]
9:23 AM on April 26, 2010 
Amen, sister.