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A Giant Leap Forward

Posted by gayingram on September 9, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Must be because the long summer heatwave is finally broken and slightly (and more bearable) temperatures are finally here. I am feeling energized and ready to plunge into a new area. Last week I began research into background for a possible new novel involving a ten-year-old Chinese girl. She survived the San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906 but lost both her parents and was rescued by a  Irish (or Scotch - haven't decided yet) part-time gold miner.


But what has captured my passion is an entirely differnt project I conceived after a long conversation with a critique partner who recently started her own publishing company. I am going to upgrade my persona as a writer and become more professionally visible. How can I do that, you ask?


I, too, will begin my own small business -- not to publish books, but to become an internet entrepreneur. I plan to set up a business website to sell my books direct to the public. Lots of work involved, I know. The name of my new company is still undecided. Need to check out whether what I'm considering is available as a web domain name and email address. A clue to those who know me well -- it relates to where I live.


So...if you happen to call and get the answering machine, don't get upset. I may not be readily available but I will be happy to connect at a later time and bore you with all the exciting happenings.

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