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Second Time Around


Recently widowed, Dolly Summers steps in to take her husband’s position in the family business. When her best friend, Sophia is killed, Dolly assumes guardianship of a rebellious teenage daughter

An accident connects Dolly with a stranger, Douglas Martin, and her emotions go awry. Is it possible? Could he really be Robert McGoodall, the man Dolly first loved who supposedly died twenty-eight years ago on his way to propose?

Will Amanda’s growing rebellion thwart Dolly’s second chance at true love?

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Some Write Thoughts

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This book is a compilation of articles written over the years -- some reached publication in Writers' Journal Magazine and other publications for writers. My hope is to pass along some of the hard-earned lessons I've learned over my twenty-plus years in this writing business.

Living With A Depressed Spouse


is my personal story about those difficult years, almost twenty of them, when my husband suffered from depression. I wrote the book as an encouragement to others. I offer hope that God can take you through because He was there for me all the time.

The book consists of three parts: Part 1 relates my experiences taken from journal notes jotted down through the years. Part 2 gives the reader an understanding of this debilitating disease and, in layman's terms, spells out what help is available both medical science and through wholistic  health means. Part 3 is a compilation of techniques and various resources available for those seeking additional assistance. 

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Living With A Depressed Spouse is also available as an audio book ($17.99).



A Collection of Short Stories

In this book, I've gathered stories about ordinary people experiencing extraordinary circumstances. From a woman's chance encounter with her birth mother to the tale of a town divided by a cow's death, you will be entertained.

A Stirred Pot

is a book I decided to self-publish, more for the experience than anything else. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, just contact me at:http://www.gayingram.com or send a check for $10.00 +$2.50 for P&H to: Gay Ingram, 8119 Mulberry Road, Big Sandy, TX 75755 


It's 1856 and the states are on the verge of a civil war, brother against brother, father against son.

George Morgan and his friends just want to be left alone. Tired of being harassed because of the color of their skin, this determined group migrates from Kentucky to the free state of Indiana. There they hope to find a place where they can live free from persecution.

The way is hard--a river takes a child, they're threatened by a slave-catcher. But in the wilderness, these hardy souls carve out a new community only to find they haven't escaped the troubles.

With the conflict engaging the whole country, each man must now search his heart to discover what price he's willing to pay to be free.

Presently Troubled Times can be ordered only from the author. 

A re-issue is in-the-works and we hope to make it available on Amazon real soon.




 Forester, an embezzler, abandons his wife Marion and their three daughters to escape imprisonment. Never revealing the reason behind his disappearance, Marion raises her family alone, refusing to acknowledge that her husband is still alive.

Emily, the eldest, marries a missionary pilot and must adjust to the difficulties of living and raising her daughter, Shannon, in a Kenyan village. 

Deborah, the middle daughter, impulsively marries Johan Lootevik, returning with him to share the duties of running a hunting lodge in the Alaska wilds. 

Victoria has experienced bouts of depression since childhood. She and her husband, Don Sutton, choose a country lifestyle and also have a daughter.

With the death of their mother comes the revelation of their father's secret, and all three women find themselves on different paths, struggling with truth...and forgiveness.

"Til Death Do Us Part 

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In the beginning...mists rise from the shallow stream, lending mystique to the East Texas countryside. The future city of Big Sandy, Texas begins inauspiciously with a lone white traveler slipping from the shadows of dense woodland and slpashing across, his horse on a lead following close behind. But this intrepid wanderer wasn't the first to tread these piney woods and sandy bottoms.

Tracks on the Sand takes the reader on an adventurous journey from the simple beginnings of this small East Texas town, through its one hundred and twenty-five years of history right up to the advent of the twenty-first century.

Tracks On The Sand

was written as a tribute to the friendly community that we've lived in for thirty-odd years. Unfortunately, the book is now out of print and unless there is a sudden overwhelming demand for copies, I have no plans to do another printing.



Family Memories was written as a remembrance for future generations. I include all I recall about past generations along with personal recollections and writings I've written concerning my family through the years. My thanks go to my sister, Shirl, for supplying me with photos that weren't in my personal albums.

Home-published copies of this book were sent to all members of three generations of the Giguere family with hopes it will provide a link to their ancestors and give them a window into our family's past.