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For the whole month of January I have accepted the challenge to post a blog everyday...talk about creating a stressful situation. So far,I've been able to maintain the pace. If you are interested in seeing what I have to say, you can read today's entry at: http://gayingram.blogspot.com/2015/01/when-i'm-not-writing.html.


Every week I post a feature article on www.venturegalleries.com. For some time, I've spot-lighted a unique American city, its origins, its history, and some interesting discoveries I make about the city in my research. Here's where to go online to learn more about this great country of ours: http://venturegalleries.com/author/gayingram/

Venture Galleries is also running a serial of my Western Frontier novel, Twist of Fate. Episodes run on three times a week at this site: http://venturegalleries.com/serial-title/twist-of-fate/


Just completed final approval for submissions that will be included in three different anthologies this year. First, our writers' group East Texas Writers Association, has been working long and hard to get an anthology of work by its members published. 'Tis The Season will include a short story, a poem and a memoir piece. 

I have a story coming out in a grandfather/fathers anthology called Pepe Played The Fiddle Sundays. It recalls a regular event from my childhood years.

Just did the final edits for a story, Once More Back, that I submitted for inclusion in an anthology being produced by a writers online support group I'm affiliated with, Authors Social Media Support Group or ASMSG for short.

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If your interested in learning about herbs, look over my articles on: http://www.homestead.org

There are now several articles posted on Gay Ingram's Herb Encyclopedia, each focusing on a different herb. Each article is an indepth look at an individual herb or herb family.Look for the latest on chives coming soon.  Hope you find it helpful!

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Second Time Around

This in-the-works novel came about as a result of joining a new critique group. (When ya gotta have five pages to read twice a month, ya gotta keep on writing.) Won't give away any story secrets but it's Women's Fiction and all about Dolly Summers whose recent widowhood puts her in the position to take over her dead husband's responsibilities in the family business. When Sophia, her best friend and a single mom of a teenager, is killed, Dolly takes over the girl's raising. There's a new romantic interest that mysteriously reminds Dolly of a lost love of long ago.

Entered this novel in both Cisco Writers 2010 Contest and Houston Writers Guild 2010 Contest.

It placed 2nd in Cisco contest - judge's comment, ""Second Time Around" gives promise of being a novel that will hold the reader's attention. It's well-plotted with believable characters and events that do happen in real life."

SECOND TIME AROUND was published by White Bird Publications in 2012. You can get your copy by going to my Amazon Author Page http://amzn.to/QoFN2n. It's available in both print and digital format.


Blanche LaRoux and Miriam Meyer are as different as rhinestones and rubies. Yet they form a friendship while schoolmates that keeps them bound for their entire lives.

Blanche is a woman with large ambitions. Born with natural dramatic talent, she flaunts convention and uses her magnetic personality to obtain her objectives. A primary objective is the affection of Brad Hammond, the recognized jock of their class. Blanche succeeds in seducing Brad but upon discovering she is pregnant, becomes dismayed when he refuses to accept responsibility. Not wanting to be burdened by an unwanted child, Blanche gives it up for adoption. Instead of returning to her hometown, Blanche sets out for New York City determined to achieve her goal to become a famous actress.

Miriam is a passionate runner, an activity not encouraged in the female sex in 1928. When a high school teacher is impressed by a chance display of her ability, he encourages her to join a women’ athletic club and train with them. Shortly thereafter, Miriam competes in the local Olympic tryouts. She breaks the world record and becomes eligible for the nationals where she wins a place on the US team. As part of the first-ever Olympic women’s track competition, she wins the gold medal for the United States...

With only a hundred pages written, I've got lots more work to do to complete this novel...but, I'm working on it.


Morgana Grant, twenty-four, is starting over. A fire devastated her mind and home, killing both her parents, causing her to be hospitalized for five years. She doesn’t accept the police report of accident and in her seeking answers comes to the attention of Inspector Bouchard. The Inspector, as he is known, heads up a special investigative unit seeking evidence to destroy the activities of The Belvedere Coalition, a secret organization that uses any means to accomplish its ends. The Inspector recruits Morgana as an undercover agent. Her place of assignment is Manor Oaks, home of Jacques and Lillian Marchand. She will act as tutor to Kristof, Elyse and Emmanuel, their three children.

Two men enter Morgana’s life: Gregory Walker and Shawn Hennessey. Gregory, Lillian’s brother, is a bitter recluse whose brilliant future as a pianist was cut short when a gun accident left him blind.

It's a mixture of intrigue, romance and suspense. In the end the bad guy gets his just rewards and the gal gets the guy.

LATER: This manuscript has been through numerous critiquing and revisions. Now to find the right publisher.